Nike has decided it will no longer compel any of its supplier factories to be accessed or inspected by independent auditing organizations like the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). Not only is this a blatant violation of college and University codes of conduct, but this will have a devastating impact on garment workers across the globe who rely on the ability to communicate with the WRC when their basic rights are violated in the workplace.

Nike has a long history of documented labor and human rights violations, including unpaid wages, violence towards women, anti-union retaliation, and factory fires, among others. In fact, it was violations at a Nike supplier factory in Mexico which led colleges and Universities to take action to ensure independent monitoring in the first place.

If the WRC is refused access and the ability to inspect Nike’s supplier factories, the public will have no way of knowing whether college-logoed apparel is being made under sweatshop conditions. Nike is notorious for its labor violations, and therefore can’t be trusted to voluntarily monitor its own factories with any credibility. And more than that, workers need the ability to speak up when they are paid poverty wages, face violent union retaliation, or are refused safe factory conditions.

The choice is up to Nike now: either let the WRC in, or lose the right to make clothes for colleges and Universities.

Nike, just do the right thing



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