Today, Noi Supalai, former Nike worker from Thailand, spoke to a crowd of global labor leaders as part of the Commission on the Status of Women conference at the United Nations. Noi shared her story of how she and her coworkers formed a union to combat Nike’s refusal to pay owed wages.

Also on the panel was Kalpona Akter, Executive Director of the Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity, and comrades of the late Berta Caceres, who was an inspiring indigenous activist in Honduras. All of the presentations had one thing in common: global brands and corporations must be held accountable to the rights of working people. A brand like Nike, who has a long history of human rights and labor violations in countries around the world, including Honduras and Bangladesh, simply can’t be trusted to monitor the working conditions in its own factories. Until workers in Nike supplier factories everywhere earn a living wage and have the right to organize, workers around the world will continue to unite to take back power.





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