Sophorn Yang, president of the Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions visited Georgetown several weeks ago. No administrators agreed to meet with her so she chose to send President DeGioia a personal message to voice her concerns about Georgetown’s ongoing relationship with Nike.

Today, administrators from Georgetown and several of our peer institutions are meeting privately here at Georgetown to discuss labor rights violations by Nike. The students and community members were excluded from lending their voices to this gathering. This meeting comes days after a report by the WRC indicating that Nike has failed to remediate many of the concerns in the factory in Hansae including, among other serious violations, hiring back illegally fired workers and ensuring safe temperatures inside the factory to prevent mass faintings. Georgetown should set an example to other universities in immediately severing our relationship with a company that so egregiously violates our values as a university. It is unacceptable for Georgetown to continue to allow our name to be on apparel produced by a company that has consistently lied and exploited our relationship for over a decade.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that Georgetown listen to the voices of workers who make our apparel and affirm the worth and dignity of each person as we are called to do as a Catholic and Jesuit university. Below are links to the WRC’s findings regarding Hansae remediation.


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