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Reduce your electricity consumption, eat little or no meat, leave your car in the garage… Nowadays, we all do a little green thing for the planet. But have you ever thought that all the clothes in your closet are partly responsible for pollution? That’s why responsible fashion is so important. It is quite simple, the production of a single T-shirt requires 2700 liters of water. These figures revealed by Greenpeace also tell us that this is the amount that a western citizen consumes… In two and a half years. In addition to water, the dyes used are often toxic and released into the sea and rivers. If you wear synthetic materials, you are dressing with a derivative of oil or coal (yum). Not to mention the cheap labor so that we continue to buy clothes at low prices and animal suffering when we consume wool, leather or cashmere.

Blamed: fast fashion. This industry is not content to offer us clothes, which we obviously need. Fast fashion is an accelerated version of fashion. As soon as a trend is born, we find it a few hours later on the shelves of our favorite stores, ready to be bought for a few euros. Once the trend is over, these clothes rot in a closet, are unwearable (when we buy cheap, we don’t expect to consume quality) and we sometimes throw them away. This infernal cycle of fashion is multiplied by the number of buyers who are constantly increasing. According to a study by France2, in 2013, the French threw away 200,000 tons of clothing, just that.

If you’re not ready to give up on fashion yet (and we understand you), here are some easy tips to apply to your daily life to make your shopping afternoons moments of activism for the ecology. Welcome to Nike Sweatshops. Take notes!

– Laura Merle