Nike’s March Badness! 

Why are students and workers fighting back against Nike?
Nike is trying to roll back long-standing crucial protections for workers who sew Nike college apparel by restricting access to the world’s only independent watchdog – the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC). Appalled by Nike’s record of sweatshop abuses, universities required that it and other brands adhere to labor codes of conduct to allow independent monitors into their factories, but Nike is now blatantly violating this precedent and putting the lives of workers in danger. United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) launched this campaign outraged by conditions leading to a worker strike at a factory in Vietnam and are calling for your support in ensuring Nike respects university chosen auditors across their supply chain!

If Nike is going to cover up the dangerous conditions in their factories, we are calling on you to cover up their money making swoosh. 

Join in on the #NikeCoverUpChallenge Today!

  1. Gather any piece of Nike gear you own: shirts, hats, shoes, etc.
  2. Tape an X over the Nike swoosh with masking or duct tape and clearly write #NikeSweatshops over the tape.
  3. Post a picture or a video across all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) Caption: Nike, let the WRC inside! We can see your dirty side!
  4. Use hashtags: #NikeCoverUpChallenge  and #NikeSweatshops. Tag: @usas and @nike whenever you can
  5. Send all photos and videos to

If you are a college/university student:
Wear college gear where the name of your university or college can be clearly seen when participating in the #NikeCoverUpChallenge! 

End Nike Cover-Ups! 


  • Nike, time to #JustDoTheRightThing – let the WRC in! #nikesweatshops
  • What does Nike have to hide? Let the WRC inside! #NikeSweatshops #NikeCoverUpChallenge
  • @Nike, time to respect ALL women, including the ones behind your factory doors! #NikeSweatshops #NikeCoverUpChallenge
  • @Nike, will #NikeHijab be sown by woman workers in #NikeSweatshops? #NikeCoverUpChallenge #NikeSweatshops


  • What does Nike have to hide? Join the #NikeCoverUpChallenge at
  • We’re telling Nike to stop the cover-up and let independent watchdogs inside. Join the #NikeCoverUpChallenge at #nikesweatshops
  • Workers and students demand access now to #nikesweatshops! End the Nike Cover-Up! #NikeCoverUpChallenge

Hi! My name is ______ and I joined the #NikeCoverUpChallenge because I believe in the fair and just treatment of workers producing for Nike. Nike has a history of sweatshop abuses, and students and workers are fighting back. Nike is blocking access for independent auditors to assess the situation of their sweatshops and factories, and this puts workers in extreme danger. I will continue to cover up Nike’s money-making swoosh if they insist on covering up the conditions in their factories. Will you join me?

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