Want to help hold Nike accountable to upholding basic workers rights? Here are ways you can take action today:

12593879_961313850619513_4911346168000341971_oStudents at Virginia Tech delivering tweet to President Sands in protest of Nike sweatshops
  • Are you a student? Join a chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops near you by contacting organize@usas.org or visit www.usas.org to learn more.
  • Visit a Nike store near you and let the store manager know Nike can’t get away with trying to hide its sweatshop conditions by delivering a letter. Make sure the store manager knows you want your letter passed onto the Nike Headquarters. Feel free to use this letter as a template.
  • Flyer outside a Nike store. Help us spread the word about Nike’s outrageous labor violations by sharing this flyer with customers outside the store. It’s important that Nike hear from its customers! Make sure to send photos to organize@usas.org.
  • Get on social media using the tweets below:

@Nike what are you trying to hide in your factories? We demand transparency! #JustDoTheRightThing http://huff.to/1Rf5r5g @USAS

{My University} cares about labor rights and you should too. @Nike stop trying to hide your sweatshop violations #JustDoTheRightThing http://huff.to/1Rf5r5g @USAS

@Nike you have a long history of labor rights violations, you can’t be trusted to monitor your factories #JustDoTheRightThing http://huff.to/1Rf5r5g @USAS

Hey hey, ho ho @Nike sweatshops have got to go. You can take action against Nike at http://www.nikesweatshops.org via @USAS

Make sure to send all photos to organize@usas.org and tag @USAS.