Are you a USASer, community supporter, new anti-sweatshop enthusiast, or a USAS alum who wants to support the Day of Action Against Nike? There are a lot of ways you can help! Students across the United States and workers all around the world will be taking on Nike in Cambodia, Honduras, Bangladesh, India and more!

Attend an Action Near You

Click on the city for details for actions taking place across the country. Actions are already planned in: New York CityWashington D.C.Seattle, Boston DenverPittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Jackson, MS,  San Francisco, CA , Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Columbus, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland OR and more.

Don’t see one near you? Support on social media!

Support on social media:

Sample Facebook Post 1:

Don’t buy #NikeLies! Nike will have you believe they promote #equality and empower women, but continue to exploit the labor of working women inside their factories.

I support students and workers fighting back against the worst boss of all – NIKE!

Sample Facebook Post 2:

Looks like Nike is returning to it’s infamous sweatshop legacy. Since restricting independent factory inspector, the Workers Rights Consortium, Nike has pulled production from factories where workers dare speak up, most recently in Honduras where hundreds of workers lost jobs after Nike pulled from their union factory. #NikeSweatshops

Sample Tweets:

Click to Tweet: Don’t Buy #NikeLies, solidarity with Honduran Nike workers!
Click to Tweet: What does Nike have to hide, let the WRC inside! #NikeLies
Click to Tweet: Nike, #JustDoTheRightThing for workers!

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Talk to Your Community

All around the world we hear similar questions about this campaign. Help spread the word by talking through some of these commons concerns and objections with people close to you.

But all brands use sweatshops, what’s better? What are the alternatives?

I hear you, but it’s not about alternatives, it’s about accountability! Just because it’s factory work does not mean it must be sweatshop conditions. It’s better to spend two hours at a protest to better company practices in solidarity with workers than time spent learning how to sew your own clothes.

Nike has the highest code of conduct in the industry!
True, but it doesn’t mean anything if Nike also inspects and self-regulates their own factories. Nike uses their code of conduct as a cover for worker abuse, and failed to report mass faintings in a supplier for over ten years until independent watchdogs got access.

Don’t you know better, workers need sweatshop jobs! You don’t know what you’re talking about!
USAS does not advocate for the elimination of jobs overseas, we advocate for the betterment of them, and organize in solidarity with workers who are fighting for dignity in their workplace.

Why are you taking a stand on this issue?

I’m acting in solidarity with thousands of workers producing for Nike restore orders in union factories. until Nike reverses their dangerous anti-worker practices.

Nike is the biggest sportswear brand in the world, do you really think that these protests will change anything?
Hundreds of students across the country with United Students Against Sweatshops are in solidarity with over 400 workers in a Honduran factory demanding justice and we will not stop until Nike no longer undermines unions and quits blocking independent inspectors. Alongside garment worker unions around the world, USAS has fought back against Nike and won, and hundreds of students are determined to stop Nike from turning back the clock on 20 years of fundamental labor rights by undermining unions and blocking the Workers Rights Consortium.